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Saturday, 4 June 2011

Chelsea 2011...

 Digitalis 'Saltwood Summer'...a foxglove but not like a foxglove more like an orchid.
Sorry Guys...I know I haven't posted for a week but it's been a hectic week, down at Chelsea Flower Show then half-term break!! Anyway, I'm back with lots of goodies. Found some stunning new (some not so new, but I have only just discovered them) plants to add to your collection and mine of course. Here is one beauty...I will share a new one or two with you each day this week!

Here's another...Anemone 'Wild Swan'...this won 'Plant of the Year' for 2011. It is a very elegant, beautiful plant and worthy of it's title...It has delicate white petals with a soft blue on the reverse...you'll love it.

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